The Power of Intermittent Fasting: A Comprehensive Guide

Here we will talk about 👇 What is Intermittent Fasting?The Popular Methods of Intermittent FastingHealth Benefits of Intermittent FastingHow to Start Intermittent FastingConclusion Opening In a world where diet trends come and go, intermittent fasting has stood the test of time and continues to gain popularity as a sustainable and effective approach to both health and […]

Re-New Your Mindset

Here we will talk about 👇 What is the meaning of mindset? What are the 2  kinds of mindset?Which mindset is right? ( growth or fixed)What is a Fixed mindset?What is a growth mindset?What is a growth mindset? What kind of mindset do you have?  What Is The Meaning Of Mindset? #Normally we can say, mindset […]

Top 7 Foods For The Brain

Just came from a patient, who has an infection on brain tissues. In medical terms this call Encephalitis. He wasn’t that serious at first. But his headache is getting worse day by day and he is avoiding it by taking pain killer only. As result, he is dealing with brain infections. In his case, I […]

Nut Nutrition (Part 1) ( Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Cashew, and Walnuts)

Although nuts are never considering as superfood.  According to the nutritional effects of nuts in our bodies. I consider it a superfood for both vegetarians and non–vegetarians. It adds important nutritional value in our daily to day life. I am going to discuss This topic like the Benefits of nuts. I am presenting 10 most […]

Positivity In Life

What is positivity? Positivity means a positive frame of mind. It’s a kind of positive thinking that helps you find a way to solve any problems, worry-free state of mind, and expect good results and success. That is the practice or tendency to be optimistic about life. Positivity is maintaining your composure, calmness, enthusiasm, hopefulness, […]

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