“Independent” Woman Must Have This 7Habits

Yes, I want to thank you first for being here! I hope these habits are already inside you or if you trying to be an independent one. Please take my warm welcome. No matter which profession and wich origin you are from. I hope you’ll find your own way, Find your vale and know you are the one in the world. If I can admire you, why are you not admiring yourself? 

Let Me Share You My Thought, Please!

 An independent girl is independent by her though and actions. It’s not all about money. For me, independence is not about having own expanses. It’s about taking the responsibilities and value yourself all the way you should. Money is important for your independent action but also thought, an attitude and a personality you carry is the base and permanent for success. 

  1. They Have Their Own Goals 
  2. Make a Budget
  3. Control their appearance on social Media 
  4. Know Their Own Value
  5. Positive about life
  6. Organize their relationships 
  7. They know their Mentally and physically responsibility

They Have Their Own Goals 

This a simple sentence. Isn’t? You’ve read this in many posts! I ask you to describe this word to yourself now. What is the shape of your life and how will you shape your goals is totally up to you. 

  • Do not set your goals according to others. You know yourself They Don’t 
  • Want to be a businesswoman? Rule it!
  • Want to be an entrepreneur, welcome! 
  • Want to be a happy mom and housewife, Can I give you a hug?
  • You are sacrificing nothing by giving yourself a goal you feel 
  • Give It a try, Embrace your passion and set your goal  

Make A Budget

The word comes with many things. Making a budget lets you know why and how much you should spend and how over you are spending. At first, You will get bored but after a week you will be soaked! Both with your too much or less spending. 

  • Have a little planner with you 
  • Gather all  buy and sell paper you have 
  • Divide the need and want expanses
  • Subtract your expenses from your income
  • If you are saving money. Save for good reasons not for bad reasons
  • I hope you know how your money and expanse is in your under control 

Control Their Appearance On Social Media 

Social Media is one of the great tools nowadays. You can contact with many people in this world by using this. But every advantage comes with some disadvantages.

  • Balance your time to the social platform
  • Find out what is more important than this 
  • Don’t show too much of your personal details to the public
  •  Don’t talk with everyone about yourself 
  • Keep your goals and achievement in secret. Now let the time, share it!

Know Their Own Value

If you are not valuable to yourself then who will give you values in their lives? Know your worth. You are not for everyone. Do favors without returns. But never ket them reach your limit. 

  • Understand the power of worth to yourself
  • Trust your own feelings 
  • Build self-confidence by investing time on you
  • Learn to be content with yourself and who you are 
  • Forgive yourself first and others also
  • Respect yourself 

 Positive About Life

I know you can give a thousand and even more reasons to say why you can’t take the situation positively. I demand only one reason now. Is there any single situation that you took it positively and you got the positive result? One is enough for a thousand, girl!

  • Judge yourself with positivity and of course honestly
  • Practice positivity instead of negativity
  • Be strong by yourself  and say I will look this in another point of view man 
  • Find your mentor in you ask yourself am I really need to get upset at this topic?
  • Have a challenge? Face it! You have to do it someday, right? Do it now, positively 

Understand Their Relationships 

We all have relationships. With our love ones, family, friends, co-workers even with plants and your pat too. Give deep thought to your relationships. Do you need it? Do you need to get deep in this relationship? Ask yourself!

  • Girl! Watch your relationship! You don’t need all relations
  • Set boundaries within your relationships 
  • You can live without a so-called best friend! But if you have the best one! Empathize it 
  • Give time to every relationship that’s important for you  
  • Find happiness in those who depend on you like your plants and pats

They Know Their Mental And Physical Responsibility

Responsibilities don’t come with age or income. You have the body to take care of and mind to get on a track. This is your first responsibility. You have to know how to behave in specific situations. How to handle the conversation. Make time for work and off-time also.

  • Stop blaming and find another solution to the situation 
  • Build a smart personality 
  • Take care of your commitment and tasks
  • Find your peace and talk to yourself 
  • Dressed as your comfort zone 
  • Respect others thoughts and feelings and yours also

Point Of The Post 

Everyone in the world is an individual. Don’t follow others and don’t even follow the post. Ask yourself is that good for you. Are you happy and feel enough responsible in the situation you right now. Valu yourself more than value your money. It’s not all about how much you make money, Its about how you make yourself happy. If you are happy by being a housewife or mum only. You know this is happiness for you. I admire you. You are doing a great job. 

Thanks for watching this post. I will be honored if this post works for you as well. Thank you for being here for me. Let Me know what is your thought about being an independent woman? Let me know in the comment section below!

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