Corona Stocking Within Budget

This topic might make you think that I don’t have any sense right now. But Think a while, we are in a situation where we have to face economical and health circumstances. Or it could be that you might have financial support but you are in a lack of food productions. Anything could happen. Buy things that will help us to survive more is now an emergency. Besides balancing good immune and financial are the most challenging right now.

Before the start, I want to let you know we are going to talk about some specific foods that are not only food to survive also it is great to make our health and immune system stronger. You might have another food habit in the base of country, culture, and origin. But these foods are common. Build your own stock but try to keep this too.

11 foods to boost the immune and mast have in the situation. And why we need and how it will help us, I didn’t mention rice/oats/quinoa, I will let you know why I didn’t 

Green Tea
Virgin Nuts
Butter/Olive oil
Frozen Veg
Pink Himalayan Salt
Black Cumin 
Egg/ Tofu

Green Tea

We all know that it helps us to lose weight. But do you know how does it work? It boosts our immune system. Its antioxidants make out body heal and straight our the blood circulation system. Drinking 2cups of green tea can make your oral health and boosts your immune system within 1 week.

Virgin Nuts

This might seems funny but eating 1 handful of nuts every day can provide your body Zinc, Good Fat and make you fuller a longer time. But You have to saute the nuts in butter or olive oil before you bite them. I also have a Specific post about Nuts. Pick Any Nuts if you don’t have allergies, My recommendation is peanut and almond base on health benefits  


Lentils are a good source of Protin and complex carbs. Its surly high values during a diet and over health ty to cook this as rice. It might seem sarcastic but It boosts your immune system and way more carries better nutrition then rice. It needs a very little to make you full so don’t run after rice, please.

Butter/ Olive Oil

Staties of health improvement have shown that Butter and olive the source of good fat a good fat is not only important for control hunger but it also replaces the bad fat of your body. So the result is you might get less hungry, the good immune system at a time with the healing process of the body. Cook your meal with a little butter or extra virgin olive oil. As its good in prize consumes wisely.

 AVC With Mother

Foods like Yogurt, Kafir and pickles are good sources of probiotics. Use DIY it could be most cheaper and useful at the same time. But more than any other AVC with mother the most devotional work among them all. In This Era of the corona, ACV can work with 

  • Healing Cold and cold-related problems,
  • Good for gastrointestinal problems
  • Saves you from having gas on the stomach
  • It kills any kind o bacteria at the respiratory system 
  • Heal you from cold and boosts the immune system 

Frozen Vag

Some Rescher says that corona can easily be spared by fresh veggies. Sometimes wash them cannot even help the situation. Buy frozen veggies or if you have a safe one before the problems start. Have them and freeze then for safe use.

Pink Himalayan Salt

I added this salt particular cuz it has many more health benefits than another salt.  The amount of iodine and potassium if this salt saves you from thyroid problems. Drinking with water every morning can make your gut work healthy and kills internal growing bacteria in the body. Gargling by this salt diffusing hot water is another source of healing respiratory tract.  

Black Cumin

The black cumin has been found the most defendable medicine of any disease. Some religions recommended it as medicine even it has been proved by science also. Taking 1 teaspoon a day of these seeds can help your gut and immune system by purifying your blood toxin within. 


The whole egg is the most nutritious among all animal products. It helps your bad cholesterol to be reduced and makes you fuller longer. It’s ok if you have a low budget or meat is way expensive then this egg can add beneficial nutritional values towards the immune system. Vegetarians can also hel[p themselves by tofu. Tofu is high in protein protect against a variety of health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes as well. 


Asian Inspiring spices are so famous by these days. But Some identical spices like 

  • Ginger( Helps Resperoty System)
  • Garlic ( Helps Immune System)
  • Turmeric ( Helps Healing body inner Inflammations)
  • Cyan Paper ( Improves Immun System )
  • Back Paper  ( Works Best With Turmeric full-on antioxidant)

Used as a remedy of verities of infections. So drink them with water or cook with your meal can give you the heigh boosting power against any bacteria

Vitamin C

The lack of vitamin C can stop you to improve your health. It helps you to absorb the food value in the body and cut you fat and kills your bacteria within the long run. So Orange, Apple, Lemone, grapefruit is way more chipper and comes with good antioxidants


If you notice I added those foods which have a great impact on Immun system, respiratory system, Inflammation, rich in antioxidant and that also killed bacteria within cheaper.but also notice rice quinoa and oats are not in my recommendation? Casuse carb makes us more hungry. we can live without rice but you can’t live without hunger and economical disaster. Rice at the list doesn’t have any health benefits in our body now. Moreover, I am not suggesting anyone to not eat rice or carbs. Buy Of you need. But Don’t make this staple. 

Food Agenda At  A Glance

  • Eggs
  • ACV
  • Black Cumin
  • Green Tea
  • Tofu
  • 3 kinds of Lentinus 
  • Butter
  • Rice/Oats/All Pouspuse flour ( Minimal Amount)
  • Veggies
  • Lemon/Orange/Appel
  • Ginger/Garlic
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Turmeric 
  • Back Paper
  • Add Others You Need 

Tips To Track

  • Add honey with ACV, or ginger or lemon
  • Spinach, broccoli, and cabbage are the better source of good veggies
  • Add turmeric with back paper it will heal your cold-like pro,
  • Keep the egg in the freezer for a long time use
  • Use butter or olive oil
  • Mung, Mashoor is a good source of cheap protein
  • Eat Balck cumin in empty stomach  in the morning 

I Might not good at this. But I tried my best to show the list that I follow according to this situation. Please Help and reorganize the list by yourself. I also have plenty of posts In nutrition. I Link here. Feel Free to check this 

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Point Of Post

Corona Has become a great threat to our normal life. Chances become more mentally physically and financially break down. We also can’t deny that with financial break down we also have to strengthen our immune system anyhow and the food I mentioned is the cheapest and possible way to protect us from the trauma. 

Thanks for reading the post. Let me know if anything you think about corona or if there any advice in the comment section below. Pray For The Word. 

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