Why Detoxify Your Body From Toxin? And Corona?

The detox drink is now getting more viral on the internet. Several types of detox water have been viral. Which does Will work?   Is it really work? Surly It will help you boost your immune system but not save you from corona however it basically the type of herbs, veg, and fruit you put in. but Still boosting your overall health is better for a fight with corona or prevent them easily. I am going to describe the cause of why we still need to consume this. But let us know what we are gonna put. 

Detox Water

Detox Water Is Basically Falovering water that has been diffused at list 6 hours or overnight for its work. The nutrition of veggies or fruits even herbs has been soaked by water and hence it makes the simple water more nutritious. 

The Detoxify ( Choose One From Every Item) 

  • Lemon/Orange/Grapefruit any critic items( Must)
  • Appel/Starberry/Dates/any of your choice( Must)
  • Ginger/Mint/Coriander/Cilantro/ Celery( Optional)
  • Chia Seeds/Basil/Raisins/Black Cumin (Optional)
  • Eggplant/Cabbage/Kale( Best For Weight Loss)
  • Honey/Green Tea/ Cinnamon( Add Falovr)
  • Cucumber (Main Ingredient) 
  • Spirula/Moringa(Optional)
  • Water
  • Ice cubes 

How To Arrange

Take a Glass Jar put 4 glass or 1-liter water Add your favorites set this overnight or at least for 6 hours or it will not work best.  Cut the Ingredients slice or wedge pice. leave leafy Ingredients and seeds in water. Mix It, Fix It, Drink It. You CAn Also Add pink Himalayan salt if you want to avoid the test or with health benefits.

Benefits Of Detox Water 

  • Helps Your body washout toxins
  • Prevent belly fat
  • Rapid weight loss 
  • Good for skin
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps to absorb food nutritions in body
  • Improves your blood and brain capacity 
  • Helps your muscle  keep relax after any hard work 

Could It Work With Corona? 

The Answer is. What you choose to put. Search has shown that corona can attack your body most when its in a bad immune system and filed with cold and toxic.

This is proven that Anti-inflammatory foods, antioxidants food, enriched with vitamin and watery food can prevent/cure/work against corona.

But you still have to maintain hygiene for the best results. So before put ingredients try to soak these 10 minutes with vinegar diluted water to prevent virus or chemical layer.

So We Have To Focus On What We Can Put In Our Jar?

**Suppose a person who wants to weight loss he/she can put cabbage, ginger, cucumber, and lime.
**Some just want to detoxify toxins with the good test they can add strawberry, mint. Orange and cucumber.
**If someone just has an allergy she or he can put orange, chia seeds, kale, and cucumber.

Like this understand why you want to detox.

**If you have cold lime, ginger, apple, and honey is best to put on.

So If you want to improve Your health to the fight the corona. First, know your body Condition For me lemon, garlic, chia seeds, back cumin, cabbage, and cucumber is the best for corona.

It Detoxifies your body, improves your heart with gut health, and purifies your blood circulation.

Never add cucumber in your detox before or during menstrual cycle girls, it will make your periodical pain much harder. 

I Hope That post is something meant to you. I Also Have some more articles in this point of view. If You feel worthy please check links below. 

Point Of Post

Never consume a detox because that promises you that it will work. Choose your detox at the type to your and health. Use 2 or 3 key ingredients, and add flavor like your choice even if I didn’t mention in the list. However, it will still work to improve your immune with your choice. 

Thank You for reading this post. I Hope t works in some way. Please let me know if you know something more that I don’t mention. It Will be a huge help towards me.

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