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benefits of blueberries

I was never a big fan of blueberries. But I got invited in a thanksgiving party where the blueberry cheese tart picks my interest most. By far the is the most tasty blueberries include food I have tried. I wan’t this recipe so badly. But Before I want to know something more about this fruit. And Here I am sharing what I have got. We have many kinds of berries in our food world. But yet the blueberries used by tons of people across the country. This nutritional food had a great balance in both tests and sweets Basically blueberries are blue but we can also found it on the color purple. However it sills hold the same nutritional benefits.

The Rise of Blue Berries

The rise of blueberries

We can find blueberries both wild and cultivated. This berry is especially from North America. In the native North,  berry has been used since ancient times to prepare stews,  meats. To make these colorful barriers testier the people start creating many recipes by using these berries such as blueberry cake, smoothie, and kind to natural sweets are on the list.  But because of its worldwide popularity, it has become more cultivated in many other lands in the world. The classified sanction of blueberries is Cyanococcus within the genus Vaccinium. Vaccinium also includes cranberries, bilberries, huckleberries, and Madeira blueberries. Because of the healing power of this food some Americans name this first is a start fruit because they think these berries are the gift from their god. 

Nutrition Values Of Blueberries

Nutrition value of blueberries

This popular food contains in per 100 grams: 

  • Calories: 57g
  • Carbohydrate: 14.5 g
  • Fiber: 2.4 g
  • Sugar: 10 g
  • Fat: 0.3 g
  • Protein: 0.7 g
  • Vitamin K: 24% DV
  • Manganese: 17% DV
  • Vitamin C: 16% DV
    • ” B6: 3% DV
    • ” E: 3% DV

This food also contains a large amount of fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and phytonutrient. It has a good amount of neutral sugar. Also, this neutral fruit contains no fat, little amount of protein, and a very good amount of vitamin K. But it also has a lack of calcium, vitamin D, and cobalamin.  This fruit cannot be good or beneficial for keto as it doesn’t contain any Saturated fat. But a little bit of Polyunsaturated fa and Monounsaturated fat. 

Benefits Of Blueberries

Smoothie of blueberries. Blueberry lemonade

Blueberry can be very beneficial for the human body. We can have blueberries almost every day. This is a very particular berry that can be fit in any diet. Weather is keto, low carb, Atkins, paleo, or whole 30. The less sugar and good vitamin providers don’t harm any of the diets. 

  • This is a very good source of antioxidants, 
  • It helps you boost your immune system, 
  • Nice source of vitamin k,
  • Good source of vitamin B6,
  • Good source of minerals and fiber,
  • It can protect your heart form any heart disease 
  • This berry can improve blood fat balance
  • It also improves the blood cholesterol levels 
  • It can develop the memory function of the brain 
  • Helps to re heal the nerve system of the brain, 
  • It can be helpful for diabetics patients, 
  • Studies have shown that blueberries can help you with height blood sugar level 
  • It can help you to solve body inner inflammations, 
  • Blueberries can fight against the disease of digestive systems.
  • It can solve any antibacterial issues in the intestine,
  • Blueberries can help you lower the stress of brain 
  • It can control the risk of heart disease, 

Benefits Of Losing Weight

Benefits Of Losing Weight
  • Benefits of Blueberries can lower the cholesterol of blood,
  • Its help reduce abdominal fat,
  • Its control the sugar carving during any kinds of diet,
  • As it is natural sugar, it doesn’t make any bad impact on any diet,
  • Its helps you make you full for a longer time,
  • Its regulate the fats which are were preserved as storage in our body,   
  • It can prevent constipation during the weight loss process,
  • Its good fiber promotes good digestive health, 
  • Consuming blueberries can make your appetite longer
  • You can also have blueberries as a safe snack during any diets, 

Blueberries For Skin

Blueberries For Skin

As blueberries are high in antioxidants it works well by consuming but, it could be used as some form fo face packs and can be taken with some forms of food mix that can prove more skin benefits. So let’s know about this more: 

  • Mash fresh blueberries with 1tbl spoon of yogurt, Make a mask, apply for 20 to 25 units and then rains with lukewarm water, 
  • Benefits of blueberries can provide you youthful skin, 
  • The amount of vitamin c,e can make the skin more soft and glowy, 
  • Eat blueberries with apple and spinach can provides more skin benefits,
  • Combine fuller earth and blueberries for oily skin,
  • It can also heal with sunburn,

What’s For Expecting Mothers? 


This is totally safe for a pregnant woman in any stage of pregnancy. Moreover,  it also has some more healing benefits to share: 

  • As they are rich in calcium and polyphenol that helps in the development of bones in the fetus in the body of the mother, 
  • It Viman c can help to maintain the weight of newborn babies during birth,
  • It can help a pregnant woman to keep healthy weight and save from unhealthy overweight,
  • As it has a good amount of fiver, it reduces the pain of constipation during pregnancy,
  • Pre-eclampsia can be possibly prevented by consuming this nutritious food,   

How To Consume Blueberries

How to consume blueberries

The healthy way to consume blueberries that it should not mix with any artificial or white sugar, as it losses its beneficial and natural sweetness. Still,  there are some recipes  that can make these berries testier

  • You can make a naturally sweet syrup with this,
  • You could make jam with this
  • Can be used as a natural sweet cake with this, 
  • It can be replaced by sugar in pancakes hat you love to eat on diet,
  • It could also be used as a topping at frozen yogurt, 
  • The delicious blueberry neutral sweet sauce can win anyone’s heart so easily,
  • It could be add on salad,-like fruit salad even it can give you test ina normal salad,
  • Create your own recipe on sweet blueberry pizza,
  • Easy way to add sweetness on your daily smoothies, 
  • This is an easy way to decorate the cake., Just leave them on top, 
  • Create an ice cream recipe using this, not sugar, 
  • Blueberries muffin, blueberries cheesecake, and of course blueberry bread i nice way to serve for daily dinner,
  • Grab a handful for a snack, top off your oatmeal or granola to add it in your daily diet ( Yammy)

When Is It Harmful?

Anything toom is absolutely harmful, it might be very tasty and as a healthy fruit. The amount of meditation can be appreciative along the way.

  • Too much off blueberries can make your stomach upset, 
  • It can either cause you diarrhea or constipation,
  • Diabetics patients should have patients to eat these berries as it still has sugar,
  • Eating too much can make your heartburn 
  • A large number of berries consuming at a time can make you gastritis 
  • Before consuming any wild blueberries, we should know if we have any allergy problems, 
  • As its a sugar we should not consume blueberries at night, 
  • Blueberries take more time to digest so we should avoid it if we about to sleep
  • If you are consuming  any blueberries for the first time, take in small amount, the is that can make your body feel sickness like headache, vomiting, constipation in the time, 
  • If you don’t eat good food, in that it  can make you gain weight, 
  • With any kinds of allergy in the body, it’s better to avoid these berries,

Thankful Towards

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Point Of Post

This constant hopefully proves that why these Benefits of blueberries are so effective and so beneficial on its way. These berries might not be available in many countries but it always possible to consume more of its substitute in a healthier way. Try strawberries, cherries, banana, and raspberries instead oft this these also have almost the same as health benefits of this. Still, try frozen berries instead of fresh berries or buy these berries in its season and preserve for the rest of the year. However,  this is still good in health nutrition.

Thank you for coming here. I am trying to present to you some beneficial yet important importation of blueberries that are common day to day consume in out life  Let me know you what is your favorite berries or fruits and how you consume it In a comment below

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