Spinach Has All Of This

Spinach I have never been a fan of spinach. I don’t know why, but this leafy green never picked my interest. But I have come to deal with the weight loss process. And yet the story is about to come. I have suggested eating some healthy green to balance my daily nutrition and eating spinach […]

Different Vitamins On Foods-2 ( Vegan & Non-Vegan)-(B6, B7, B9, B12 & C)

In our previous content, we have come to understand the food base that holds different vitamins. As that was part-1 there should be part-2.  Let’s Jump straight  Vitamin B6 (PYRIDOXINE) Organic Source:  Legumes Lentils Tofu  Edamame, Peas Soy products,  Potatoes,  Bananas  Watermelons Brown Rice  Whole Grain Bread  ” Grain Noodles Whole Grain Oats   Wild Source:  […]

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